We all know that physical therapy comes with a host of benefits. But physical therapy is worth it, whether it’s pain management, improving alignment, or increasing mobility. If you are searching for All Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in bay shore, contact us today to request an appointment

Physical Therapy in Bay ShorePhysical Therapy in Bay Shore

Physical therapy treats pain and injury through physical methods such as exercise, massage, stretches, and heat. It is aimed to provide effective treatment without medications or surgery. Not only will a licensed physical therapist treat the pain, but they will also treat the source of it, bringing about long-term relief. 


Proper alignment is incredibly important for our well-being. When we practice proper posture and alignment, our bodies have improved blood flow, support muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and keep nerves and blood vessels healthy and normal. Many believe surgery is the only way to achieve healthy alignment, but that’s not the case. With the exercises and spinal manipulation techniques that physical therapists will use, achieving proper alignment is possible. 

Pain Reduction

Being the main reason people seek physical therapy, pain reduction can come in many different ways through this kind of work. Some include:

  • Stretching – Done gently and under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist, proper stretching can buff out tightness that may be causing pain. The physical therapists will make sure that you do not overexert yourself. 
  • Strength exercises – Two of the best methods are using resistance bands and doing calisthenic workouts, which are done using your body weight.  
  • Massage – Although the massage may not feel comfortable initially, the after-effects can leave you feeling loose and pain-free. 
  • Heat and Ice – Applying ice will reduce inflammation, while applying heat later on will warm up the muscles, resulting in better function and pain reduction. 

All Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Bay Shore NY

At All Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Bay Shore, we pride ourselves on giving our patients the high-quality treatment they deserve. If you are suffering from pain, discomfort, or improper alignment, or are looking for physical therapy in bay shore, contact us today to request an appointment!