New technologies can result in new problems in our quickly advancing modern age. Nowadays, using smartphones, the phenomenon known as ‘tech neck’ is becoming commonplace. Tech neck is when hours spent with one’s head tilted to better view their smartphone results in moderate to severe neck pain. However, this pain is not only smartphone related, as it can arise from long periods of using a laptop or desktop computer, which often happens to many people at work. Without treatment, tech neck can get more severe over time, potentially leading to significant neck pain and headaches. At All Island Chiropractic, we want to help you avoid tech neck and treat it if it starts to arise. If your tech neck is severe and you are looking for neck pain treatment near islip, contact us for more information on how to treat it. 

Tips for Preventing Tech Neckneck pain treatment near islip

  1. First, it is important to remember always to take regular breaks when using your smartphone or a computer for long periods. This can be difficult for some as it is easy to get wrapped up in whatever you are doing, these breaks can be short. Every 20 minutes or so, simply looking up and away from your tech can go a long way in giving your neck a rest.
  2. Second, stretching your neck is also a simple but necessary exercise. Rolling your neck in a circular and counterclockwise motion is a simple exercise you can perform anywhere, so, like the first tip, this one doesn’t even require you to leave your desk at work.
  3. Third, try to get as close to eye level as possible with your computer or smartphone. Tech neck most often arises from prolonged staring down, so leveling your tech with your eyes can help alleviate this.

All Island Chiropractic | Neck Pain Treatment Near Islip

Plenty more tips and exercises can help you alleviate the neck pain arising from tech neck. Contact us at All Island Chiropractic to discuss how we can help your pain, or if you are looking for neck pain treatment near islip. Learn more about our various services for neck pain treatment.